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40 Years of HITS! Foreigner & Cheap Trick

Good morning y'all!

So as you may have heard on the show last week we spoke to Tom Gimbel of Foreigner who is currently on tour celebrating their 40th anniversary... 40 Years of hits! Wow!!  They are touring with Cheap Trick and Jason Bonham (son of John Bonham from Led Zeppelin) and I had the opportunity to see them perform at the one and only Bethel Woods here in NY.

We were scheduled to meet Tom and the rest of the band at their meet and greet before the show started.  So while we were waiting, I was talking to a guy about the venue, and the concerts here... Come to find out I was talking with Tom Petersson from Cheap Trick. He was super nice and super cool, and will be on the show in the next few weeks.  

First on stage was Jason Bonham (The Led Zeppelin Experience) and it was an experience alright!  You would have thought you were listening to Led Zeppelin themselves.  They put on a tremendous show!  After they ended their set, we were on our way down to meet the other photographers who were taking photos that night, when all of a sudden an announcement came on the speakers and on the screens saying that due to eminent severe weather, we had to evacuate the premises and go to our cars until the storm was over.  Funny thing was, the storm skipped the area.  About an hour in a half later, Cheap Trick came on stage and performed.  Their set was a little short but I don't think by much.  Everyone was going crazy, and screaming when they came on stage!

Finally, Foreigner came on and let's just say their show was just flawless!  The singer Kelly Hansen jumped off the stage literally right in front of me as I was taking pictures.  I moved out of his way right in time otherwise I'm sure he would have landed on me. Hahahaha.  He ran up into the crowd singing, and then later in the show he was on a 2nd stage toward the back of the venue and the stage was raised up in the air kinda like a tower.  It was just awesome!!!  They performed hit after hit, after hit!  From "Double Vision", "Cold As Ice", "Urgent", to "Jukebox Hero", and many many more!!  This is a show you do not want to miss!!  You will be up on your feet dancing and singing the entire time!

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