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American Blossom Linens

Shawna and LaLa review bed sheets made by American Blossom Linens. American Blossom linens are made from 100% West Texas organic cotton. These linens are manufactured in accordance with all USA OSHA and labor regulations. The linens utilize a pure finish which avoids the use of heavy dyes, pastes or resins. This unique finishing process makes sure your new linens are as comfortable as they are sustainable. American Blossom linens are grown, processed, finished, and shipped in the USA, drastically reducing their carbon footprint. When linens are labeled “Wrinkle-Free”, “Easy Care” and “Permanent Press”, that indicates the fabric has been treated with formaldehyde resin, which is one of the most toxic chemical fabric finishes. Formaldehyde is one of about two dozen toxins commonly found in textiles that are believed by doctors to contribute to Multiple Chemical Sensitivities(MCS). As you can see Shawna's kitten Holly approves of the bedding linens too. :-)

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