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An Evening with Daughtry

This past Friday I had tickets to see Chris Daughtry and his band perform at Duchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, NY.  It is by far my favorite fair to attend! If you haven't been to this particular fair, I suggest you make the trip because it's HUGE and has so much to do, see, and eat! It would literally probably take 2 days to see everything it has.  The 4H tent has the best Vanilla Milkshake I've ever had and you all know how much I love ice cream! Hahaha.

Daughtry was performing at the fair, and  shows. This was my 2nd time seeing him.  I had general admission tickets which was standing room only and wherever you stood is pretty much where you ended up.  Luckily we got there about 2 hours early because traffic wasn't too bad and had gotten in line. I ended up making my way to the front of the stage and my mom got me a chair to sit on because the ADA section was over in the corner where you couldn't see the stage. (I felt really bad for those in wheelchairs in that section because they couldn't see anything but speakers the way the stage was setup. 

Chris sang all his hits from "Just Found Heaven", "Home", "It's Not Over" (Co-Wrote by my good friend Ace Young), "Feels Like Tonight" "Backbone", "Over You" and many others.  He also tried some new music out to hear how the crowd reacted to it, and let's just say these new songs will be instant hits!  His show was phenomenal, PURE FLAWLESS!!! I'm talking his voice, his total performance, his set list, the SOUND, the LIGHTS, everything was ON POINT!!!  Many fans probably don't think much about the sound, and lights but being in radio I can't help but take notice and it was just the perfect show!  

His encore was my favorite's "Superman", "September" and he did Prince's "Purple Rain" which of course was AMAZING!!! If you haven't seen Chris Daughtry and his band perform live before, I highly suggest going to see them. You won't be disappointed... I've seen a gazillion concerts and his show this past weekend was one of the best shows I have ever seen!!

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