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Carlos Santana

As Carlos Santana entered the stage at Bethel playing “Soul Sacrifice” you could close your eyes and only imagine being front row at Woodstock at what I hear was an amazing performance in 1969.  An artist ahead of his time playing Afro Latino rock/blues, Carlos Santana for over 40 years paved the way for Spanish artists around the world.  Singing all time great hits such as “No One to Depend On”, “Black Magic Women”, “Oye Como Va”, “Maria, Maria,” “Evil Way”, and many more.  Carlos Santana is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, a classic performer who is known as a “rare instrumentalist who can be identified by one note.”  Releasing his latest album, Corazon just a few weeks  before this performance with an award winning line up of Gloria Estefan, Ziggy Marley, Miguel, and Nina Pastori just to name a few.  Carlos Santana’s life has been devoted to activism and humanitarian causes.  He reflected from the stage that when he arrived at Woodstock in 1969, he had one expectation, to be “elevated” and had that same expectation today.  As he walked over and took a puff on what appeared to be a joint, I thought how the governor was about to announce the changes in legalizing marijuana in NYS.  Woodstock was a time individuals were yearning for freedom; whether religious or political, and a willingness to express their views through music, drugs and rock and roll which ultimately has changed the world.Seeing his performance from the front row tonight, even for only a few minutes, allowed me to feel his energy and listen to his signature guitar sound and love for music.  What an awesome experience!

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