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Foreigner & Kid Rock

On July 3, 2015, 17,000 fans, including myself,  traveled to celebrate Independence Day at Bethel Woods with  two great bands – Foreigner and Kid Rock.  After interviewing the talented Tom Gimbel from Foreigner for my show, I was privileged to meet with the entire band back stage.  The show began with Foreigner’s top hit “Double Vision”.  By the sound of the crowd, it was apparent that everyone related to that song by pushing it to the limit one time or another in their life.  Kelly Hansen got the party started by singing all time favorites, “Cold As Ice”, “Dirty White Boy”, “Feels Like the First Time.”  Special moment of the night was Tom Gimbel’s amazing performance on the saxophone of “Urgent”.   Mick Jones, who originally formed the band in 1976 and who is credited in writing a multitude of Foreigner’s hit songs played base guitar.  In 2013 he was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame for his astonishing work.  Number one hits included “Juke Box Hero”, “Hot Blooded”, “I Want To Know What Love Is” and more.  Tonight Foreigner fans had an overwhelming opportunity to enjoy the bands vocals and talented performance as they relived hearing number one hits from the 70’s and ‘80’s.  Absolute awesome show. After a brief intermission, and great anticipation, Kid Rock entered the stage.  He began the concert by reflecting on his life and past mistakes.  He shared stories of his personal life between performing his songs.  He shared examples of how he’s grown after being discovered by Atlantic Records, entering the music industry, marrying the love of his life, drinking, partying and fooling around, only to losing his love after messing up.  The crowd was mesmerized as Kid Rock opened the show by singing “First Kiss.”   As the night went on, Kid Rock shared how money made him look sexier and influenced his decisions and actions.   He shared his beliefs about politics, family, religion, and mentioned his influences, George Jones, Johnny Cash and Willy Nelson.  Kid Rock connected with the audience by talking about true life experiences, alcohol, drugs, and his own mid life crisis.  Hits tonight included “You Never Met a Mother F—Quite Like Me”,  “Johnny Cash”,  “American Bad Ass”,  “Good Times, Cheap Wine,” “Blue Jeans and a Rosary”,  “Drinking Beer With Dad”,  “Jesus and Bocephus”, “Cat Scratch Fever”.  He shared insight about time passing by, and as he got older, he got wiser; where family and friends are important and he began to care about people.  Tonight’s light show and party was proof he continues to know how to have a good time. Kid Rock is an outstanding musically gifted artist who demonstrated his talent as a DJ, mixing music, and singing multiple genres including RAP, Country, and my all time favorite Rock.  He performed many hits and cover songs as he energizing the crowd.  Kid Rock closed out his show and the Independence Day Celebration by displaying the American flag and performing an electrifying encore of “Born Free”.  As I left the concert that night, I realized that Kid Rock had insight into life – sharing his message of patriotism, the importance of being you and acknowledging the freedom of all Americans to pursue and be whoever you want to be. 

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