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Friend Art |Constantine Maroulis

Wednesday, May 25th was my birthday... What better way to celebrate my birthday than with Constantine Maroulis.  If you don't know who Constantine is, he was on American Idol season 4. From Idol, he went on to acting and was in the hit broadway plays "Rock Of Ages",(which he was a Tony Nominee for) Jekyl and Hyde, and most recently Friend Art, which opened last night.  Friend Art was directed by Portia Krueger, and written by Sofia Alvarez.  After our interview, I got to see the "advance showing" of Friend Art.  This edgy comedy starring Constantine Maroulis fringes on edgy, sexy, and flirty.  He plays Nate, which is the best friend of Kevin who is engaged to Molly.  Without giving the whole show away, here is a little synopsis: Nate a musician, who was dating Lil who is an aspiring artist who has basement art shows and the only people who show up to her show are her friends Kevin and Molly.  Kevin decides to help Lil with her art and writing, and while he was helping Nate and Molly start hanging out and flirting with each other. You will have to see the show for yourself to find out what happens next...

 All I have to say is, I laughed the whole time, I can't wait to bring my friends to see it, and I hope there is a sequel to it, because it left you wanting more and wondering what happens next!

To purchase tickets to Friend Art or for more information please go to or call Second Stage Theatre Box Office at (212) 246-4422.

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