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Journey/Steve Miller Band

3 concerts in one week!  Woo!!!  Bethel Woods—you have overdone yourself this time.  June 17, Steve Miller Band and Journey!  I’m not sure who I liked better.  

Steve Miller Band first began entertaining their audiences in the 60’s by producing music that still mesmerizes fans today.  The band displayed their passion and excitement on the stage in front of their signature Pegasus horse’s backdrop.  We should all have a job we enjoy as much as they do.Singing “Jungle Love”, “it’s driving me mad, making me crazy,” bringing fans to their feet, singing and cheering and enjoying the show.  Following with all top hits, “Take the Money and Run”, “Space Cowboy”,  Intro to “Abracadabra”, “Nobody Loves You like the Way I do”, “Fly Like An Eagle”, and celebrating the 40th anniversary of “The Joker”.  The crowd listened to solos on the guitar, piano and drums, knowing these songs will live on forever as they continued to join in word for word.  Closing out the show after an encore singing “Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future,” and wishing the crowd peace, love and happiness as they exited the stage.

As Journey entered the stage, the crowd went CRAZY!!!!    Guests at Bethel returned to see the fabulous show again this year with great expectations.  This iconic band has become more popular as the years go on.  The band members entered the stage and opened the show with “Love Will Find You” with lead singer, Arnel Pineda exciting the fans through his energy, interaction with the crowd and his vocals.  Realizing Neal Schon, lead guitarist and original member got it right and hit the jackpot when he was surfing YouTube finding Pineda and recruiting him as lead singer in lieu of Steve Perry.  The band sang  top songs like “Any Way You want It”; followed by all time hits, “Be Good to Yourself”, “Open Arms”, “Faithfully”,  “Don’t Stop Believing”… and the list goes on.Neal Schon did an amazing solo on his guitar that was incredible – Star Spangled Banner—with the audience standing up and shouting “U-S-A, U-S-A”— over and over showing their appreciation for the talent,  respect and commitment to America. 

Let’s not forget Tower of Power, who opened the show with their rendition of urban soul music, singing “You Ought to be Having Fun” and “Soul Vaccination”. Tower & Power’s unique horn and rhythm section combined with their lead vocalist makes the band a dynamic group to start the night of this music extravaganza.  If you have a chance to see this show, three great acts in one night of classic rock and roll and soul music in one live music concert. 

Thanks Bethel Woods to a Great night of music and celebrating the classic favorites of these bands. 

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