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LIVE Takes Bethel back to '94 Woodstock

Last weekend the band Live opened for Bush for their "The Altimate Tour" at Bethel Woods here in NY.  I was lucky enough to cover the show for the night.  The guys were awesome!!!  They decided since they haven't been back to Woodstock since 1994, and that they would play the same set in exact order that they did in 1994!  What an awesome idea!!!  When they said that, I thought to myself, they have an amazing/organized team to be able to find that one setlist from that specific tour day! Hahaha.  On that setlist was "Iris", Top", "The Beauty of Gray", "Selling The Drama", Shit Towne", "Lightning Crashes", "I Alone", "Operation Spirit", "White Discussion", and their encore set REM's "Losing My Religion", The Rolling Stone's "Paint It Black", and "Lakini's Juice".  If you listen to our radio show you know we play a lot of LIVE's music, so it was pretty cool to see them perform LIVE! 

Out of all the shows I've seen at Bethel this summer, this was my favorite!  If you haven't seen Live yet,  check your local tour listings and definitely check them out!

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