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Not many of you may know but growing up I had multiple severe medical issues which had me in the hospital and for many surgeries when I was younger. I was always into music and loved Britney Spears. I remember being wheeled into the OR holding my moms hand, crying thinking I was going to die with my headphones and Walkman listening to a Britney Spears cassette tape for an emergency surgery on my spine to keep my lungs from collapsing. My spinal surgeon knew exactly who I was listening to. To calm me down because I was an absolute wreck he put my Britney Spears tape in the tape player and played it in the OR. (I’m sure until they put me to sleep) After a 14 hour surgery I was in ICU in for a few days. My doctor came to visit me and I asked him if he can have Britney Spears come visit me at the hospital. He said he would try. He told my mom he wrote a letter to her management but didn’t hear back, however he would contact The Make-A-Wish Foundation and see if they could help. On November 7, 2001 my wish had been granted. I was SO excited!!! I got to go backstage and watch her sound check, she did a Q&A session and I had all these questions I wanted to ask. But only was allowed one, which was “what is something you would live to do but haven’t done yet”? Her answer was skydiving. 

I was able to meet her and then watch her concert. I was in awe being backstage and watching how everything was done. I remember Britney asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said in the entertainment business. Meeting Britney, her team, seeing how backstage was and all the cameras etc I just knew somehow someway I wanted to be involved. Fast forward 15 years to today, I am pretty healthy knock on wood and living my dream job of being in the entertainment business, in radio. 15 years ago I never dreamed of interviewing other celebrities, having people know my name, going backstage, seeing how everything is done behind the scenes. I just love it and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!! I would love to thank Britney in person for making my wish come true but this blog will have to do for now. I want to thank Make-A-Wish Hudson Valley too for all you have done. <3

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