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Relax At The Beach with Noblo

Gio Bambino and I reviewed the Noblo Beach Umbrella Anchor at Asbury Park, NJ this past weekend.  This is a 100% beach must have! You don't have to worry about a flyaway umbrella when the wind starts blowing and it's super easy to set up! 

I was able to relax at the beach without worrying about my umbrella flying away or hitting my son, or someone who fell asleep on the beach when the wind blew.  In fact, I was able to watch others run franticly around the beach and chase their umbrellas while I sat and relaxed with a drink in my hand under our umbrella.  Gio kept saying "Mom, I bet those people are wondering how our umbrella isn't flying away".  I didn't realize how much I needed this at the beach and wanted to share this amazing product with all of you!

Purchase Noblo here:

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