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Welcome LaLa

It’s been months since I have written a blog. I’m going to try and get better at writing. At least once a month. So over the past few months I’ve made some changes with the show. One major new change is if you haven’t noticed by now is there’s someone else on the show with me. Yes, that is right… I now have a co-host! Her name is LaLa and she’s awesome! I forgot what it was like having a co-host and someone to talk to during the show. I’m loving it! We took some pics in the studio last week while we were recording and then a few pictures outside of my studio by the lake. They are up on the website as well as Facebook if you would like to put a face to our voices. :-)

So on the show now that I have LaLa, she will be joining me in some celebrity interviews, we will have all the top news stories from Hollywood, we will both be giving our opinion to emails that are sent to us and much much more!!

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